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Zoo ManiaEdit

Zoo Mania is a Pencil Topper group that sells their pencil toppers as animals.I'm going to tell you the 5 original Zoo Mania Pencil Toppers: Cow,Pig,Elephant,Monkey and Penguin (You can read more on them at their pages) they sold VERY GREAT at local schools.So then after that they realesed more after that (which are also at another page). You can buy them in gumball machines from 25¢ to 50¢.I live in PA so I go to the Robinson Mall and Distinta Movie theater and stuff like that.And the originals are pretty easy to find.They are usually with more Zoo Mania types of machines.Good Luck Hunting!


If you would like to buy or sell them look here.If you would like to sell them I would sell them for more,or less.(75¢more 10¢less) and buying from a gumball machine,25¢ to 50¢ buying from a person can be different.They could do anything in $1.00 most likely,25¢ what they probably bought it for.If your greedy or born in the year of the snake,you probably want to sell it for $1.00 but that's not a good idea,people don't want to waste a dollar on something worth 25 or 50¢.So sell for a good price and buy at good places.You know the ones with gumball machines.Good Luck!

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